How Ayurveda Treatment Save Your Life from Illness

ayurveda treatmentAyurveda treatment
or also known as Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic whole body healing systems in the whole world. It has been developed several years ago in the country of India. It is mainly based from the belief that wellness and health mainly depends on a very delicate balance between the body, mind and spirit. Its focus is to promote good health in order to save a person’s life from possible illness rather than by fighting the diseases that can be acquired. However, this treatment is recommended for a particular health problem.

According to the theory of Ayurvedic, all the things in this universe, living or not are all connected with each other. Good health can be achieved when the body, mind and spirit works in harmony is the universe. When a certain disruption happened in this harmony, there is a big possibility that it can lead to sickness and poor health.

For the followers of Ayurveda, all the things which might affect the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of an individual can cause them an out balance in the universe. Some things that can root on a certain disruption include injuries, birth or genetic defects, age, seasonal and climate changes and emotions.

How our body works in order for us to stay healthy as well as the psychological and physical characteristics is being combined in order to form a prakriti or the body’s constitution. The prakriti of our body is believe to stay the same for our whole life. However, the way that we digest food and eliminate the waste in our body can influence it.

Each individual is made of the combination of five basic elements that can be found in the universe such as the Earth, water, space, air and fire. These five elements are combined in the body in order to form three energies, and life forces that are called as doshas. Doshas are the one that controls how our body works. The three doshas includes the Vata dosha, or the space and air, the Pitta dosha or the fire and water and the Kapha dosha or the water and earth.

All of us can inherit a unique combination of the three doshas. An individual dosha is usually more dominant. Each dosha have the ability to control a different function in the body. It is also believed that the chances of an individual to get sick are being link to the balances of the doshas that he has.

The three doshas have their own ability to control illnesses. Vata Dosha can control breathing, the mind, the blow flow, the function of the heart as well as the ability to get rid from the waste in the body in our intestines that can help in preventing asthma, anxiety, skin problems, nervous system disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and heart diseases.

Pitta dosha can in preventing negative emotions, infections, high blood pressure and heartburn while Kapha dosha can help in the prevention of illnesses like obesity, asthma and other kind of breathing disorders, the feeling of nausea of eating, cancer and diabetes.

Several Ayurvedic schools and treatment centers can be visited in order for a person to get an Ayurveda treatment. At your first visit on this place, expert Ayurveda treatment practitioners are going to check your weight, examine your stools and your urine, they will feel your pulse in order to know your dosha, listen to your voice and how you delver speech and they will also look into your teeth, eyes, skin and tongue.

Aside from that, they will also ask you about the ability that you have in recovering from an illness, your behavior, your diet plan, the lifestyle that you have and the medical history that you have that includes the recent illness that you acquire.

When Ayurvedic practitioners finally do all the necessary checkups, they are going to provide you the Ayurveda treatment such as Ayurvedic massage. Aside from that, they will also give you Ayurvedic medicine and ayurveda herbal remedies that you can use in order for you to get the things that you need you to achieve a healthier life. In addition to that, Ayurveda practitioners will also give you a plan of Ayurvedic diets that you should follow for you to become physically fit.

Ayurveda is an extra ordinary form of treatment that provides extraordinary effects that are proven excellent in terms of illness prevention. So if you want to stay away from the possibly illnesses that you can acquire, it would be best if you will undergo Ayurvedic treatment as well as for you to know the dosha that you have in your body. In that way, you can rest assure that you will be able to prevent acquiring illnesses that can affect your lifestyle.